German Start-Up introduces innovative solar ground modules

BERLIN, 14 May, 2019: The German solar start up, Rocsun GmbH, has developed the first scratch-resistant solar ground module, ‘PowerGround’.

The innovation makes it possible to produce clean solar power on sunlit ground. The modules are solid and break resistant allowing pedestrians to walk over them.

The solar panels are installed like paving slabs and can therefore be incorporated into new architectural projects or as retrofits in front of existing buildings.

The solar ground modules create a flat and level system, integrated into the ground.

The PowerGround modules offer the world's toughest and most durable surface made of the highest quality material that is transparent, highly break-resistant and virtually unscratchable. The special surface ensures reliable power production over the entire service life. The electricity can be used to power surrounding buildings or can be fed into the grid.

The PowerGround modules are 100 x 100 x 7 cm (W x L x H) in size. Each module contains 36 monocrystalline high-performance solar cells that generate 180 Wp of electrical power.

Average electricity production in Germany is 110 kWh p.a and per square meter (at 1,000 kWh / m² horizontal global radiation). To ensure maximum safety, the modules have a low voltage of less than 120 volts DC (protection class III).

‘Innovations such as the advancement of standard solar technology are indispensable for designing CO2-neutral buildings and generating power sustainably,’ says Annemarie Botzki, managing director and co-founder of Rocsun.

‘Solar technology integrated into the ground is only sustainable, if the product lasts as long as possible. Durability is what our customers expect. At Rocsun, we therefore go one step further and use only the most durable materials,’ she added.