Rocsun do not require construction product approval

Berlin, 13 June, 2019: The german national institute for construction technologies (DIBt) declares solar ground panels from Rocsun are not subject to building approvals. This resulted in a today completed exam of the DIBt.

Rocsun's solar ground panels are assessed by the DIBt as a construction product of lesser importance. According to the german building regulations, no proof of usability is required for such construction products. The elimination of these requirements simplifies product use and construction documentation for builders and architects. In addition, the decision of the DIBt clarifies insurance.

The Rocsun solar panels basically consist of two products: a solar module and a concrete slab. There are relevant standards for usual solar modules as well as for concrete paving slabs, with which manufacturers must demonstrate compliance. Rocsun adapted both construction products to their own requirements and put them together to form an independent building product. As a result, the standards for the two original products can not be fully complied with and the corresponding test methods are not fully applicable.

For the development of their solar ground panels Rocsun has created a catalog with the existing technical rules and test methods applicable to its own product. The Rocsun test catalog also includes tests that go beyond the requirements of solar modules or concrete slabs. Rocsun carries out the quality tests exclusively with established test laboratories.

This ensures that Rocsun solar ground panels are thoroughly tested before they are used by the customer.

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